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June 25, 2009


I was recently introduced to a new generation of a search engine. It's called Tazoodle and it's very unique.

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Smile, you never know who it will help, :)


March 24, 2009

A Moment of Silence,

This past February we lost our Mother of 75, I am thankful I was able to be there when she passed into God's hands. Not many are able to do this with their children standing beside them in those last few moments when God opens His hands to bring them home. My Mother was blessed with these moments with her children with her at her side to help her through. She was a mother of 10 and we all were there in heart and spirit. Not all could be with her at her last moments, which is so totally understandable, with that there were 9 of us and her sister with her to the moment she passed from our hands to God’s Hands.

When a parent passes away for someone else you feel for those people, still you don't get the full impact of what that causes in every aspect in which it hits a child. When there is more than one child, it affects each one; it is how each deal that shows the difference. I am amazed with the fact there are 10 of us and that none of us were truly worried about what “we would get from her” it was how do we take care of her and how we manage with what she left behind. My Mom had a business of her own that she worked at for over 25 years, which also had to be resolved. One of my sisters took this on with diligence. Then the cost of funeral expenses, because we didn’t know if there was insurance or anything set aside, another sister diligently took this on of her own choice. The house needed to be dealt with and two of us worked it everyday, then when others had time in between working, kids and other obligations they would also help. Considering there are 10 of us, we had some disagreements, yet settled the best we could between each personality, we made it through still all a family without anger that would last a lifetime of hate. I want to thank you Lord for giving each of us patients, kindness, and most of all Love for each other to get through the last month and half. I pray that we continue this with each other through our time here on earth.

Now with all that we went through these last weeks we learned some valuable lessons. The idea's/suggestions I have are not much still with what I went through in all of this I believe it would be of help to others.

1. If you have anything you want your children to have, maybe give them those things now when you both can share a memory. This way the reason you want them to have it gives meaning to the child.

2. Another way to handle that is put a name on those special items, so when someone is cleaning/sorting, they know your wishes and hopefully follow through for you.

3. Write a will, even if you don't have it legally done, most children will try and follow your instruction if your family is like that, if not, make it legal and binding if possible. I know there is cost for this and some of us can't afford it especially these days. Seems to be an extra expense we don't have money for, still write something down so they have a chance to be able to do as you feel.

4. If you do have insurance to cover expenses, make sure it can be found, or let someone know that you do have it so it can be found. Keep important papers in a place someone is able to find them as well.

5. Let family know some of your wishes so that when it comes to those final days, they already know your feelings and are able to do what they can to implement each.

6. Pictures, oh my goodness, if you can take pencil and write on the backs of who it is the year it was taken and possibly ages, would do a world of good. We found so much of this, my Mom was good at trying to do this, believe me it helps.

7. My mom had a calendar that was totally filled out already for 2009 with birthdays and anniversaries with the year of birth or marriage with each, for the family. This was awesome; I have taken that and written them all out for each of us to have a copy of them. Reason is because with this calendar you also have family history, for she also wrote in names and years of deceased family members of birth and death.

8. If you have a business that you are running, whether small or large, make sure that it can be taken care of by those that have to work with it. Important thing is a list of customers with current numbers would be super so that family is able to contact them. That is something we had to deal with ourselves. Most numbers were there, still had to look some up from older customers she had paper work for and hadn't had contact in years.

9. Which that brings in another point to make. If you are like in a business that requires or you choose to hold onto paperwork for your customers, don't let it build to a point that those who have to deal with it have so much. We as a family chose to burn anything that was over a certain age or year. There was paperwork from over 20 years back, yes, alot to burn. We figured that was the best way to handle such papers of importance. Burned at a home that made sure that all of it was burned for security of the people that we no longer knew, were deceased, or couldn't find.

10. When your dealing with a loss of a family member, whether a parent, brother, sister, grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, or anyone you were close to, PRAY to help you get through. I truly feel this helps in so many ways sometimes we don't realize it at first, yet looking back you can realize where that helped you along the path to fulfill what was needed to be done.

May God Bless you one and all in your destiny of life and beyond.

Smile, then the world will smile with you... it works


February 10, 2009

Forums... I need to release some frustration...

Well now this is to to to funny. A friend was trying to help me understand bigbigforums in how to use and post. Thing was while doing that, being that I never actually participated into forums before I made some mistakes, more than once thing is I learned-----the hard way..
Don't get me wrong it was something I learned, and then learned something even more, that even when the truth is told, it doesn't make a bit of a difference when the sites get that big. See in making those mistakes the friend who has been a member since 2002 and myself were banned because..... they thought that my friend was both ID's, which the truth is NO she was helping me and I made some big mistakes that cost her.

Ok, so I tried something, I made a new ID with another email address that I use, which worked. I then went in and private messaged those that accused and banned her from the site and explained to them that I was the one that made the mistakes that made it look as though she was posting for two ID's, she was not. Thing is instead of calling me, because I did give them my phone number to call to verify that this was two complete different people in two complete different states, they BANNED the new ID.

What I sent before being BANNED again:

"This is Bobbi other ID was Youreyes, I don't have two ID's in here and I wouldn't want to. The thing was, Sandy was teaching me how to use forums, because I have never used them before. I was trying to post under her and it didn't come up, so she was trying to help by posting for me. I agree it sounds funny the way it was posted, she did say in other posts she was doing it for me that it was her posting for me because I wasn't able to get my posts to come up. I didn't wait long enough apparently to see them actually post. One of them I tried several times because I kept making a mistake. I didn't figure it was going all the way through.. Plus I didn't know how to delete them once they did show up."(before I was banned that is)

"I am sorry for the confusion that it caused, and caused her to be banned since she has been a member since like 2000 I think she said. If someone would of sent an email I could of explained what happened. Apparently that isn't how it works. Yes, I was able to make a new account because I wanted to help explain the sitiuation to someone in here. That might listen and understand SandynPaul doesn't have two accounts. She was only trying to help me. I can prove we are two different people if someone wants to truly know. I Just hope that someone will listen to what happened. 1-7***-464-**** cell number (won't publish that here)"

"The blog youreyes4today is also mine, I do live in Indiana and that I started in Jan because I don't have a job, because my car isn't running and if I don't get something going and fix it before the summer I will be living on the street, PERIOD, I have no place to go after this. So if you could please understand that Sandy was only trying to help me, that I would truly appreciate, because it wasn't her fault at all. She just knows how I need to get something going and soon.
Thank you for listening,


Long story short. I don't deal well with others that play like this. My thoughts went to wondering how many others in that forum actually have several ID's with different emails and they don't check unless they have to check. To me that says they only check when it upsets their routine.
Unfair to someone who doesn't know how forums work and are learning while others are trying to help.

Thats what I have to say about that.
Not responsible for anyone else's opinion this is my own with the experience that I have had with big big forums. I don't need to be a member so I do not plan on making another ID, thing is I could and get away with it... because they don't ban IP's like it says only ID's and Email accounts.

I am an honest person, I don't try and screw any of the programs I am working with trying to make double triple accounts. If everyone did that, these companies would fold because they wouldn't have the true clientele they were looking for. I understand rules, regulations, thing is if there is a viable and reasonable doubt that there was a problem and they needed to hear it, it might even benefit them in realizing that they need to fix something that caused my post's not to post as others did. My opinion again. There are rules and then there is ignorance.

"Truth doesn't always get Justice"
We know this from the way Jesus was treated.

February 07, 2009

We Learn Everyday

If you want to succeed you have to put in the time, otherwise nothing grows. The effort you put forth into what you want in life, makes more of a success for you in that life. Failure is only a stepping stone to success. Some failures can take you down all the way, still if you grew up with the attitude of "don't give up", then don't give up, try something. That in all honesty is why I am here. I won't allow myself to give up no matter the pitfalls, failures, and unsupported efforts. The reason is those that do support, give advice, shows concern, and is just there to listen, helps me push another day.
Thank you!!!

I haven't been feeling to well the last week or so, yet I am here working on my blog, commenting on others, posting links to sites I feel is a value to anyone who is trying to work with Adsense or any other program similar to Adsense, in my Information Links. I go to Carnival of Making Money Online(in Money Online Links) everyday, read posts, vote on posts, submit a story, and when I go to the sites of the posted stories, I will give comments. I feel that if I continue to do this, I will be recognized more and more each time I do this. Just getting my name out there is going to help others find me.

Now for my blog, I was not getting any data from Adsense, so something I added wasn't working with Adsense. The only thing that crawls the site like Adsense was Bravent's hit counter, so I took it off. Guess what, my Adsense is now working again. Relief.

I went into my html editing and worked on spacing out the content of the page, so that it didn't look like everything was on top of each other. So far I believe I have been able to accomplish this. I am one of those that has been self taught in html and other things with the computer world, also with that I was able to accomplish an Associates Degree as Network Engineer. I am using all the knowledge I have gained over the years with the new knowledge I am gaining daily. Taping into what you already know, putting it together with the new, works wonders, if you know what I mean.

I have been joining other online programs for taking surveys, marketing research, etc., for a few weeks now. If you notice I have been adding new links in the Money Online Links, now and then. Thats because I have joined them to try and make some income from those as well. When you put it all together it starts adding up to more than just pennies in your pocket. Like my Grandmother always said, "a penny saved, is a penny earned", thing is it works. I am going to post a blog with a bit of information about some of the programs I have joined to give you a better idea of what they are, what they do, how they work, so if you want to check them out, you will have a bit more to go on.

I would love to hear what your opinion of this blog is so far. I would love some good constructive criticism, go for it, I am learning and want to learn more as well as the readers of this blog.

Smile and the world will smile with you…it works…:)


February 03, 2009

Trial and Error, Testing, all helps

I have been working on something’s the last few days. As you can see I have added some items to my blog here. Let me know if you can see them or not, the one I am concerned about the most is the You Tube video at the bottom.(took it down, if you didn't see it already) I am only experimenting with this right now, trying to figure out what would look good, bring others in, hold their attention, etc. Video’s can be fun; I believe this one is to show more comedy at least that is how I tried to set it up. Let me know, please.

I have signed up for Bravenet the reason for that is, I like the free web tools they offer on their site. For instance, hit/counter which tracks those unique visits, repeat visits, and return visits giving you a total for the day, or how ever you want to view them. They also have an affiliate program that you can be apart of. The link for Bravenet is in my list of Money Online Programs Links, check it out. You may find that little tool you were looking for in Bravenet. Oh, also with Bravenet if you’re looking to put up a simple website or even a place you want to store pictures you’re using online, they have that. Many different ways you can use Bravenet with its Free membership as well as good deals on getting more.

I have joined a few more programs; I do need to add those to the Money Online links too. I have been working some programs to make a little income and at the same time reading and learning about more opportunities available that I may want to check out. I have played with something’s with my blog as far as setting up the way it looks. I took the video off for now, I would like to make it play just certain video’s like, "comedy" in one place, then maybe, "how to’s" later on, give it a change now and then. It is something I am working on and planning out. I do know though it does work on this blog, that’s one test done. :)

Now I need to keep working on communication with others as well with those that I have made contact with already. It is nice having good support from those that are working in the same area’s or even similar yet different area’s to converse with.

I think I may have had information overload, early this morning. I just couldn’t concentrate on anything. So I got up walked around, took my dog outside, found it was snowing, took my eyes and mind away from this for a break. If you find yourself in this situation, GET UP, walk, get something to drink, take the time to make something to eat, or just go outside and walk for a bit. REFRESH YOUR MIND. You may think this is a waste of time, it isn’t, it will save you many aggravating times when you just want to take your laptop, desktop, and throw it, hit it, shut it down, or what ever your way of venting that your feeling you want to do but don't, you need to get up walk away, TAKE A BREAK, It saves… I had to do it several times today and I am glad I did. I accomplished more than I expected today than I originally thought when I started this morning in a weird frustrating mood. Take the advice and use it or not, its just away I deal, since I went through it today I wanted to share it with you..

Smile and the world will smile with you…it works…:)


January 30, 2009


Now that is a project, that takes time, lots of patients, trial and error, and did I mention Time. Yes, you need to devote time to going to other blogs, leave a comment, so that if they choose they can come to your blog. Make sure when you do make a comment you type in your blog address, so they don't have to come looking for you, when your filling out the comment section. There is a place for the URL use it, and use the name of your blog for your name. You don't want to become to obvious with your wanting them to comment yours. That in it self will come with time and effort. In other words once you do fill in that information, there really isn't a need to repeat it in the actual blog, that's my opinion though. If something gets to redundant I tend to ignore it. Visit sites like Carnival of Making Money Online, daily, to submit a new story, vote on other stories that have been posted, or just leave a comment.

I am researching other possibilities to get my page to be seen by others. Like for instance I posted a blog in my, Myspace account asking others to come look at what I am doing now, take a look, leave a comment, etc. I also did this in Facebook, I went to my notes and posted another saying the samething and leaving my url. One thing I also added to both posts was the phrase, "Pass it Forward". I figure if they like what they see or know someone who could use some of the information I have given here they can pass it forward. Its a Win Win situation. Forgot to mention that in myspace my blog is set to be viewed by the public, this way if someone has done a search and happened upon mine, that will also give that blog exposure.

I try and do this everyday, one here, one there, you never know when you will get a reply, or a comment. Each one makes it one more that has seen your idea's, stories, advertising, advice, helpful hints, etc. Mine isn't much to look at here, thing is I am willing to keep learning, reading and trying my own way of working at this.

Just keep plugging away at it, and don't give up, there is so, so many other blogs out there with GREAT helpful, idea's, and suggestions. If something isn't working, try another, and so on.

Been doing some more reading after I posted this, there are many, many good tips to learn from if you take the time to read the blogs, maybe leave a comment saying thank you for your help. Myself I have been listing some in my information links, so that I can go back to them to pick up on what I may have forgot, or when I am ready to try something else, I have the information ready for a click.

Smile, then the world will smile with you.... :) works

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January 28, 2009

Blogging, Adsense, social networking, oh

Oh my! is right, been doing a lot of reading and then reading some more. Went to work to try some of the things I was reading about, then find another page that says, don't do that do it this way, or that way.. to funny. The thing is people find what fits them best; they talk about it because it has worked for them. Doesn't mean another way won't work, just that they found their niche. Now with someone like me scrolling through the pages, because others took the time to write out what they did and what steps they took, just WORKS. I like it. I am finding so many different and unique ideas and suggestions for this blog in the future.

Yesterday I did just that did some reading and went and tried something out.. Guess what I didn't read enough on it.. yep mistake time I signed up for some kind of tracking, analysis program, only thing was it interrupted my Adsense somehow, it wasn't recording anything at all, just said, Data Not Available. So in that mistake I learned don't jump to quick, its ok to try things just know how to undo them in case they don't work first. That’s what I learned today. What was nice though I already have a pretty good understanding of html and how it all works, I just had to figure out what to do. This time I was lucky, the first thing I did was cancel the analytic program off on my blog. I went back to my Adsense report and still said, "No Data Available". So that said to me that somehow that program interrupted the ads. So what I did, is I went into edit mode in the blog and took out the existing ads and replaced them with new ones to see if that would work. It was a guess on my part. After I replaced my ads, I waited for a few, then went back into my Adsense report to see if there were any changes. Yes!!! The data was back in tact. So with that mistake I learned not to be too quick without knowing how to undo in case it doesn't work.

Now for the research after that, oh my, so many blogs and sites, and ideas, and and and... to read. I have learned a lot today. Today after that mistake, I decided to make it a reading day more so than a doing day. Gain some good knowledge of this new adventure I have chosen to pursue. I am so thankful for all of you who has written your idea's, your knowledge gained, and offering advice in the, 'How to's' and 'What not to do's'. My main source for finding blogs on this subject of the day was at Carnival of Making Money Online, the reason is because they have so much right there in one spot to check out, read and learn from. And to think I found that site by working one of the other programs trying to make a bit of money. Like I said in the previous post how much something like that is worth in actuality to me, is priceless.

I am going to head back to reading; I am reading a 4 part series about blogging for 2009. So far it has been an interesting read.

Would love to hear your idea’s and comments, even advice to help, all would be appreciated.

Smile, then the world will smile with you.... :) works

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January 24, 2009

Why I started a blog in the first Place

I have been online for several years, one thing that intrigued me, is that I know you can make an income online without having to start your own small business or what have you. You can sign up for different programs of many types. The reason I started this is because of one of those programs, I am sure you have heard of, Adsense. I have seen it advertised, as well as many emails in the spam folder. I am sure many of you have seen the same thing. Well I am one that takes notice and researches them out to see if they are worth the time or totally a scam.

I have read alot about Adsense, Bad and Good, some condemn it, some claim to have made thousands from it. So far from what I read, both are viable, condeming it because it didn't bring in the income you THOUGHT you should make from it, and those that have made thousands which usually are the larger companies. Now what I am wondering is if the happy medium can be accomplished by just working this on my own. Thats my challenge.

So in signing up for Adsense, it requires you have a website or blog. Well, I don't really have the patients to write up a website at the moment so I opted for a blog instead. After that decision I had to figure out ok where? and make sure it was ok to run Adsense with it as well. I looked into Myspace since I have an account there. In the research I did, you can try and use it there, just don't get caught is the attitude from what I read. So I opted not to try it there, yet. I plan on doing somemore research on that one yet. Then I realized I have a few blogs bookmarked so I went to them, and found that Blogger (this one) is part of Google. OK that works, I have an account with Google, that works. With that I started this blog as you can see.

I then went back to Adsense and completed the online application. Upon completetion it tells you that you may have to wait 2-5 days for acceptance of your application. So I came back here and started working on how I wanted this to look and all. Then I needed to check my email for another program I am working with and to my surprise my application was already processed and accepted into the Adsense program. YAY Happy The start of the beginning...

I was looking to see if there was a referal link, in looking I have just read that Adsense is no longer doing the referal anymore. They have something going on with an affiliate program that you can sign up for to make up for the referals others had going. That isn't going to affect me since I just entered the Adsense world, and learning it one step at a time here.

One thing that was nice was when I went to add it to this blog it was easy, if your like me when your doing something new you search and look at all your options, tweaks, perks, etc. In do this I found that Blogger has a application already set up for setting up your Adsense for you. Oh, I should also mention that when you use this in your Adsense application, you will need to give permission for Adsense and Blogger to work together. That also brings another point up, because of or for whatever reason, haven't looked into it yet, Blogger earns a percentage of what you make with the Adsense you have running here. So if you have another site that won't dive into what your making I would suggest use it. I am not there yet. Like I said, I am starting from the starting line sorta speak. Just make sure that if where you choose to take it, you have permission to add it to your site, or blog. Don't loose an account because you didn't do the research first.

Now where was I, oh going through Adsense and getting things started. They have video's and wizards to help you learn how to do it. Thing is, it all takes time, not only time, patients, a time to listen so you can learn, but the willingness to actually hear and learn as you go. Don't jump from one thing to another without knowing what your doing. That is one of my policies in learning as I go, read it, learn it, go on to the next step.

My next plan is to do some research in how others have used Adsense, how they worked it and promoted or whatever. I need to learn the in's and out's. I do this by doing alot of reading, which will take time, so if I don't have something written in the next few days, please understand I am doing my research first, its a must.

After reading this you have an opinion, suggestion, or just a comment, feel free. I read, I listen, I appreciate your time.

Thank you

Smile, then the world will smile with you... it works

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January 23, 2009

First day for everything, Right?

So far I have been able to get this going add a few things, including my picture. That wasn't so

I have been joining some online sites to try and make some extra income right now. I have recently been introduced to a very wonderful lady who has been helping me as I help her with what I already know. Thats how it works though, if you think about it we are all on huge team working together for the goal to succeed. Thank you SandynPaul, I appreciate all you have helped with, the most is that you are a good listener, Thank you.

I need to get a bit more organized with all of this, I kind of jumped in head first. Time to figure out how things work and make them work.

If your following this later on here I will be posting some of the sites that I have and others that I am interested in and see if I can get any feed back on them.

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The Beginning,

This is my first adventure in working with a blog of my own. I have one at Myspace, that to me is completely different than having one here. I am learning as I go. If you have any advice please let me know, I would appreciate any type of help.

I plan on learning how to use Google to my advantage, learn how to use adsense, how to make money with my laptop doing home jobs with this blog. As I learn I will be adding the website address's in my list of links. Come back and check often because I know I will be adding many of them, from advice, how to earn, how to blog for money, all basically free. All we have to do is take the time and read, take it in, then use the knowledge we have gained.

Thank you

Smile, it works

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