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January 30, 2009


Now that is a project, that takes time, lots of patients, trial and error, and did I mention Time. Yes, you need to devote time to going to other blogs, leave a comment, so that if they choose they can come to your blog. Make sure when you do make a comment you type in your blog address, so they don't have to come looking for you, when your filling out the comment section. There is a place for the URL use it, and use the name of your blog for your name. You don't want to become to obvious with your wanting them to comment yours. That in it self will come with time and effort. In other words once you do fill in that information, there really isn't a need to repeat it in the actual blog, that's my opinion though. If something gets to redundant I tend to ignore it. Visit sites like Carnival of Making Money Online, daily, to submit a new story, vote on other stories that have been posted, or just leave a comment.

I am researching other possibilities to get my page to be seen by others. Like for instance I posted a blog in my, Myspace account asking others to come look at what I am doing now, take a look, leave a comment, etc. I also did this in Facebook, I went to my notes and posted another saying the samething and leaving my url. One thing I also added to both posts was the phrase, "Pass it Forward". I figure if they like what they see or know someone who could use some of the information I have given here they can pass it forward. Its a Win Win situation. Forgot to mention that in myspace my blog is set to be viewed by the public, this way if someone has done a search and happened upon mine, that will also give that blog exposure.

I try and do this everyday, one here, one there, you never know when you will get a reply, or a comment. Each one makes it one more that has seen your idea's, stories, advertising, advice, helpful hints, etc. Mine isn't much to look at here, thing is I am willing to keep learning, reading and trying my own way of working at this.

Just keep plugging away at it, and don't give up, there is so, so many other blogs out there with GREAT helpful, idea's, and suggestions. If something isn't working, try another, and so on.

Been doing some more reading after I posted this, there are many, many good tips to learn from if you take the time to read the blogs, maybe leave a comment saying thank you for your help. Myself I have been listing some in my information links, so that I can go back to them to pick up on what I may have forgot, or when I am ready to try something else, I have the information ready for a click.

Smile, then the world will smile with you.... :) works

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  1. great post, ideas I hadn't tried yet, and tried and true ways to improve your page hits and keep learning as you go. God Blesses~!Sandy

  2. Thank you Sandy. Now I need to teach you how to take that url you posted and actually make it into a clickable link to like your blog name,
    Sandy Earns -like that, :)

  3. Now click on the Sandy Earns in the comment before this one, see where it goes, :)
    When we have time that will be your next lesson to do. So this way you learn how to actually
    do (being a ----- lol we need to have some humor too!)


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