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February 03, 2009

Trial and Error, Testing, all helps

I have been working on something’s the last few days. As you can see I have added some items to my blog here. Let me know if you can see them or not, the one I am concerned about the most is the You Tube video at the bottom.(took it down, if you didn't see it already) I am only experimenting with this right now, trying to figure out what would look good, bring others in, hold their attention, etc. Video’s can be fun; I believe this one is to show more comedy at least that is how I tried to set it up. Let me know, please.

I have signed up for Bravenet the reason for that is, I like the free web tools they offer on their site. For instance, hit/counter which tracks those unique visits, repeat visits, and return visits giving you a total for the day, or how ever you want to view them. They also have an affiliate program that you can be apart of. The link for Bravenet is in my list of Money Online Programs Links, check it out. You may find that little tool you were looking for in Bravenet. Oh, also with Bravenet if you’re looking to put up a simple website or even a place you want to store pictures you’re using online, they have that. Many different ways you can use Bravenet with its Free membership as well as good deals on getting more.

I have joined a few more programs; I do need to add those to the Money Online links too. I have been working some programs to make a little income and at the same time reading and learning about more opportunities available that I may want to check out. I have played with something’s with my blog as far as setting up the way it looks. I took the video off for now, I would like to make it play just certain video’s like, "comedy" in one place, then maybe, "how to’s" later on, give it a change now and then. It is something I am working on and planning out. I do know though it does work on this blog, that’s one test done. :)

Now I need to keep working on communication with others as well with those that I have made contact with already. It is nice having good support from those that are working in the same area’s or even similar yet different area’s to converse with.

I think I may have had information overload, early this morning. I just couldn’t concentrate on anything. So I got up walked around, took my dog outside, found it was snowing, took my eyes and mind away from this for a break. If you find yourself in this situation, GET UP, walk, get something to drink, take the time to make something to eat, or just go outside and walk for a bit. REFRESH YOUR MIND. You may think this is a waste of time, it isn’t, it will save you many aggravating times when you just want to take your laptop, desktop, and throw it, hit it, shut it down, or what ever your way of venting that your feeling you want to do but don't, you need to get up walk away, TAKE A BREAK, It saves… I had to do it several times today and I am glad I did. I accomplished more than I expected today than I originally thought when I started this morning in a weird frustrating mood. Take the advice and use it or not, its just away I deal, since I went through it today I wanted to share it with you..

Smile and the world will smile with you…it works…:)


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