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February 10, 2009

Forums... I need to release some frustration...

Well now this is to to to funny. A friend was trying to help me understand bigbigforums in how to use and post. Thing was while doing that, being that I never actually participated into forums before I made some mistakes, more than once thing is I learned-----the hard way..
Don't get me wrong it was something I learned, and then learned something even more, that even when the truth is told, it doesn't make a bit of a difference when the sites get that big. See in making those mistakes the friend who has been a member since 2002 and myself were banned because..... they thought that my friend was both ID's, which the truth is NO she was helping me and I made some big mistakes that cost her.

Ok, so I tried something, I made a new ID with another email address that I use, which worked. I then went in and private messaged those that accused and banned her from the site and explained to them that I was the one that made the mistakes that made it look as though she was posting for two ID's, she was not. Thing is instead of calling me, because I did give them my phone number to call to verify that this was two complete different people in two complete different states, they BANNED the new ID.

What I sent before being BANNED again:

"This is Bobbi other ID was Youreyes, I don't have two ID's in here and I wouldn't want to. The thing was, Sandy was teaching me how to use forums, because I have never used them before. I was trying to post under her and it didn't come up, so she was trying to help by posting for me. I agree it sounds funny the way it was posted, she did say in other posts she was doing it for me that it was her posting for me because I wasn't able to get my posts to come up. I didn't wait long enough apparently to see them actually post. One of them I tried several times because I kept making a mistake. I didn't figure it was going all the way through.. Plus I didn't know how to delete them once they did show up."(before I was banned that is)

"I am sorry for the confusion that it caused, and caused her to be banned since she has been a member since like 2000 I think she said. If someone would of sent an email I could of explained what happened. Apparently that isn't how it works. Yes, I was able to make a new account because I wanted to help explain the sitiuation to someone in here. That might listen and understand SandynPaul doesn't have two accounts. She was only trying to help me. I can prove we are two different people if someone wants to truly know. I Just hope that someone will listen to what happened. 1-7***-464-**** cell number (won't publish that here)"

"The blog youreyes4today is also mine, I do live in Indiana and that I started in Jan because I don't have a job, because my car isn't running and if I don't get something going and fix it before the summer I will be living on the street, PERIOD, I have no place to go after this. So if you could please understand that Sandy was only trying to help me, that I would truly appreciate, because it wasn't her fault at all. She just knows how I need to get something going and soon.
Thank you for listening,


Long story short. I don't deal well with others that play like this. My thoughts went to wondering how many others in that forum actually have several ID's with different emails and they don't check unless they have to check. To me that says they only check when it upsets their routine.
Unfair to someone who doesn't know how forums work and are learning while others are trying to help.

Thats what I have to say about that.
Not responsible for anyone else's opinion this is my own with the experience that I have had with big big forums. I don't need to be a member so I do not plan on making another ID, thing is I could and get away with it... because they don't ban IP's like it says only ID's and Email accounts.

I am an honest person, I don't try and screw any of the programs I am working with trying to make double triple accounts. If everyone did that, these companies would fold because they wouldn't have the true clientele they were looking for. I understand rules, regulations, thing is if there is a viable and reasonable doubt that there was a problem and they needed to hear it, it might even benefit them in realizing that they need to fix something that caused my post's not to post as others did. My opinion again. There are rules and then there is ignorance.

"Truth doesn't always get Justice"
We know this from the way Jesus was treated.

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