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January 24, 2009

Why I started a blog in the first Place

I have been online for several years, one thing that intrigued me, is that I know you can make an income online without having to start your own small business or what have you. You can sign up for different programs of many types. The reason I started this is because of one of those programs, I am sure you have heard of, Adsense. I have seen it advertised, as well as many emails in the spam folder. I am sure many of you have seen the same thing. Well I am one that takes notice and researches them out to see if they are worth the time or totally a scam.

I have read alot about Adsense, Bad and Good, some condemn it, some claim to have made thousands from it. So far from what I read, both are viable, condeming it because it didn't bring in the income you THOUGHT you should make from it, and those that have made thousands which usually are the larger companies. Now what I am wondering is if the happy medium can be accomplished by just working this on my own. Thats my challenge.

So in signing up for Adsense, it requires you have a website or blog. Well, I don't really have the patients to write up a website at the moment so I opted for a blog instead. After that decision I had to figure out ok where? and make sure it was ok to run Adsense with it as well. I looked into Myspace since I have an account there. In the research I did, you can try and use it there, just don't get caught is the attitude from what I read. So I opted not to try it there, yet. I plan on doing somemore research on that one yet. Then I realized I have a few blogs bookmarked so I went to them, and found that Blogger (this one) is part of Google. OK that works, I have an account with Google, that works. With that I started this blog as you can see.

I then went back to Adsense and completed the online application. Upon completetion it tells you that you may have to wait 2-5 days for acceptance of your application. So I came back here and started working on how I wanted this to look and all. Then I needed to check my email for another program I am working with and to my surprise my application was already processed and accepted into the Adsense program. YAY Happy The start of the beginning...

I was looking to see if there was a referal link, in looking I have just read that Adsense is no longer doing the referal anymore. They have something going on with an affiliate program that you can sign up for to make up for the referals others had going. That isn't going to affect me since I just entered the Adsense world, and learning it one step at a time here.

One thing that was nice was when I went to add it to this blog it was easy, if your like me when your doing something new you search and look at all your options, tweaks, perks, etc. In do this I found that Blogger has a application already set up for setting up your Adsense for you. Oh, I should also mention that when you use this in your Adsense application, you will need to give permission for Adsense and Blogger to work together. That also brings another point up, because of or for whatever reason, haven't looked into it yet, Blogger earns a percentage of what you make with the Adsense you have running here. So if you have another site that won't dive into what your making I would suggest use it. I am not there yet. Like I said, I am starting from the starting line sorta speak. Just make sure that if where you choose to take it, you have permission to add it to your site, or blog. Don't loose an account because you didn't do the research first.

Now where was I, oh going through Adsense and getting things started. They have video's and wizards to help you learn how to do it. Thing is, it all takes time, not only time, patients, a time to listen so you can learn, but the willingness to actually hear and learn as you go. Don't jump from one thing to another without knowing what your doing. That is one of my policies in learning as I go, read it, learn it, go on to the next step.

My next plan is to do some research in how others have used Adsense, how they worked it and promoted or whatever. I need to learn the in's and out's. I do this by doing alot of reading, which will take time, so if I don't have something written in the next few days, please understand I am doing my research first, its a must.

After reading this you have an opinion, suggestion, or just a comment, feel free. I read, I listen, I appreciate your time.

Thank you

Smile, then the world will smile with you... it works

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