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January 28, 2009

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Oh my! is right, been doing a lot of reading and then reading some more. Went to work to try some of the things I was reading about, then find another page that says, don't do that do it this way, or that way.. to funny. The thing is people find what fits them best; they talk about it because it has worked for them. Doesn't mean another way won't work, just that they found their niche. Now with someone like me scrolling through the pages, because others took the time to write out what they did and what steps they took, just WORKS. I like it. I am finding so many different and unique ideas and suggestions for this blog in the future.

Yesterday I did just that did some reading and went and tried something out.. Guess what I didn't read enough on it.. yep mistake time I signed up for some kind of tracking, analysis program, only thing was it interrupted my Adsense somehow, it wasn't recording anything at all, just said, Data Not Available. So in that mistake I learned don't jump to quick, its ok to try things just know how to undo them in case they don't work first. That’s what I learned today. What was nice though I already have a pretty good understanding of html and how it all works, I just had to figure out what to do. This time I was lucky, the first thing I did was cancel the analytic program off on my blog. I went back to my Adsense report and still said, "No Data Available". So that said to me that somehow that program interrupted the ads. So what I did, is I went into edit mode in the blog and took out the existing ads and replaced them with new ones to see if that would work. It was a guess on my part. After I replaced my ads, I waited for a few, then went back into my Adsense report to see if there were any changes. Yes!!! The data was back in tact. So with that mistake I learned not to be too quick without knowing how to undo in case it doesn't work.

Now for the research after that, oh my, so many blogs and sites, and ideas, and and and... to read. I have learned a lot today. Today after that mistake, I decided to make it a reading day more so than a doing day. Gain some good knowledge of this new adventure I have chosen to pursue. I am so thankful for all of you who has written your idea's, your knowledge gained, and offering advice in the, 'How to's' and 'What not to do's'. My main source for finding blogs on this subject of the day was at Carnival of Making Money Online, the reason is because they have so much right there in one spot to check out, read and learn from. And to think I found that site by working one of the other programs trying to make a bit of money. Like I said in the previous post how much something like that is worth in actuality to me, is priceless.

I am going to head back to reading; I am reading a 4 part series about blogging for 2009. So far it has been an interesting read.

Would love to hear your idea’s and comments, even advice to help, all would be appreciated.

Smile, then the world will smile with you.... :) works

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  1. Superb blog, I enjoyed reading about the ins and outs. Which analysis data program didn't work for you? I don't want to try that myself. Let me know if you find another that does won't you?

  2. I found it in my account in Google, called Analytics, the one that caused the problem for me. Could be I set it up wrong, I don't know, not enough knowledge on it yet. As for now I am going to be a bit apprehensive about trying another one. I want to check out more of the Webmaster Tools in google before I try anymore.


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