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October 30, 2010


No I haven't posted here in quite awhile. Since Adsense was suspended on this blog I lost interest. I have been trying new things here and there to try and earn online. It is about the same. Finding new programs then finding that most turn into a scam. Some don't and able to keep working them.

I would like to get comments from you the readers on how you have been doing with your online experiences. Doesn't matter if it has to do with earning or just something you want to share.

One thing I can't do with this blog is talk about PTC's or sites like that because blogger is closing down blogs like that। I figure if we can just talk about our experience maybe this won't get deleted. If it does then it does. Just will mark it up to another experience in learning. I know that links shouldn't be used to just advertise a site in the posts. There should be some good content to go with them.

Share your thoughts, give idea's on what you would like to see in a post.


  1. Hey Bobbi. Happened to have your blog link still. I see you updated it. Well something is working for me of recent is called Dollar Monster. It is where you buy a share at certain price and within short time of 3 to 5 days if not sooner, it doubles back. It really does work and does not depend on referring nor being in first. It is great!

  2. Hey bobby;
    It's realy being a long time. I read your post and I must say that; blogging for money would suck you off. Just about this and try it. Start a blog on a TOPIC you realy know much about with or without ads at the initial level and as time goes on; you'll see that the traffic your blog would attract would not only earn you but add up your ecolads and kodus.
    Check- LoveLink Poems that frequently updates with fabulous love poems and now generates tones of visitors daily.


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